During your stay at the Bristol Hotel & Spa you will have the pleasure to  taste all  gastronomic proposals  of our local cooking  that has the aim to exalt the refined aroma and tastes of the island of Ischia.

We try to satisfy every palate, from breakfast to dinner, presenting a mediterranean cooking that reflect  the tradition and the principles of a  right ,healthy and balanced diet.

Recipes and local products are exalted by the chief cook of the Bristol hotel , that propose a light fresh fish cooking , unlimited range of vegetables, fruit salads, at the height of the best mediterranean tradition with the right attention to wellbeing.

The chief chef has a particular attention to the meat selection too that are reviewed according to Ischia’s tradition. By the end you can taste a wide range of wines from the most prestigious house wine of the territory.

The restaurant offers a choice of two menu with variations possibilities.